Home completed using the re-roof or roof over method

ReCovers / Roof Overs / Overlays

This is the process of nestling shingles during a re-roof.

The roof shown above is an example of a finished re-cover job we did in North Tacoma. Going over the top of your old roof is a viable option if you're looking to avoid the extra cost of tearing the old roofing off. A roof-over is also a good option if the weather is unfavorable for removing the existing roofing; doing a re-cover means that you don't have to wait for dry weather. To do this though your home can only have one existing layer of roofing on it. When it's done right an overlay roof looks and performs just as well as any other brand new roof. The picture to the right shows how Don's Roofing installs the shingles on a recover; by butting the top of the new shingles up to the bottom edge of the existing shingles we get a nice smooth transition. So it comes out looking great!

On this roof installation in Puyallup (shown right) the existing roof was a three tab composition roof and we installed a new laminate composition roof. (The brand of the new shingles is Owens Corning and the style is the "Duration") A 3-tab roof can be installed over an existing 3-tab as well however going over an existing laminate roof is usually not the best options since it can be very lumpy.