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Skylight installation / Replacement / Repairs

If you need a little more natural light to brighten up your home then a brand new skylight might be just the thing you're looking for. If your old skylight has started leaking or just needs to be replaced then we can fix that too.

New Skylight Install

Installing a new skylight can be done at any time. The skylight below was put in while we were doing a roof overlay.

First we removed the shingles and revealed the plywood so that we could cut out the hole in the roof. Second we built and installed a box for the sklight to sit on and then put tarpaper on the bare roof and skylight box. Third we installed the new shingles around the sklight curb (box) and put metal flashing on all sides of the skylight. Last of all we set the new skylight on top of the box (now waterproofed) and secure it.

New Skylight Installed on Roof Recover

Skylight Options and Sizes


The skylight shown above is very standard size (2'x4') and it is installed in the most common position. Some prefer them to be placed horizontally instead of vertically like the one shown. Some other common skylight sizes are 2'x2', 2'x6' and 4'x4'.

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