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Roofing Services (Tacoma, Gig harbor, Seattle, Olympia)

Below is a list of our services. If you need some work done that is not listed below then please inquire.

New Roof Installations

Don's Roofing and Construction Inc. can install a variety of products such as cedar shakes and shingles or torchdown. The most common roofs here in Washington are composition roofs also called comp roofs or asphalt roofs. They vary in style, design and durability as is shown and discussed below.


IKO 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles

The most basic comp roof is the 3 tab shingle. A popular classic nothing fancy about it shingle. Here is a picture of IKO 3-Tab shingles. They once were the least expensive shingle option but now that is not necessarily true because they are so rarely used. They are commonly viewed as less attractive than many other asphalt roofing products available these days. They generally don't have the same durability as the architectural laminate style shingles and tend to be more vulnerable to wind and storm damage.


GAF Laminate Asphalt Roof Shingles

Perhaps the most popular and the best value of all the asphalt roofs is the laminate style shingle. Here is a picture of GAF Timberline HD shingles. They offer much more wind resistance than the 3-tab shingles and are much more durable. They also are generally viewed as being far better looking. At Don’s Roofing the laminate architectural comp roof is by far the most popular style that we install. They come in many different colors (the color shown is GAF “Slate”). There are varying manufacturer warranties but the majority come with a limited lifetime warranty.


A step up from the standard laminate shingles are the more premium shingles such as the GAF Grand Canyon style and the Certainteed Presidentials both of which are designed to look like a shake roof. The finished product is exceptional in both look and durability. The less popular Owens Corning Berkshire is designed to look like a slate roof and offers a unique look when finished.

GAF Grand Canyon

GAF Grand Canyon Premium Comp Roof

Certainteed Presidentials

Certainteed Presidential Composite Shake Roof

Owens Corning Berkshire

Owens Corning Berkshire Asphalt Shingles

Cedar Roofs

Cedar Roofs can come in the form of either cedar shakes or cedar shingles. Shakes are typically rougher and applied with a larger exposure than cedar shingles. Though nice looking at first a shake roof requires much maintenance and the quality of available materials is not at all what it once was. Although we do value this type of roof we generally don't recommend it to most people because the value is just not comparable to a composition roof and the maintenance needed is costly. For some however the look and feel of a cedar roof is well worth it.

Other Roofing Services (Roof-Overs, Tear offs, skylights, repairs, leak fixes)


A recover (going over the top of your old roof) is a great option for many home owners. It could save you some time and money. Click here to learn more about this option.

Old Roof Tear-Off

When you need a total roof removal and replacement we are equiped to handle it. We take steps to ensure the safety and protection of your windows and plants too because we know that there's more to your home than just a roof.

Roof Repair

If you've got leaks, visible signs of wind and storm damage or if there are signs of mold and mildew developing then the sooner you act the better. We can help you fix any leaks but we also won't string you along making costly repairs when there isn't any possibility of salvaging the roof. If you need a new roof we'll tell you forthright and if we can repair it for you we will do what is necessary to get things functioning properly again.

Roof Sheathing

At times it is necessary to replace the roof sheathing (Also commonly referred to as "re-sheeting"). If plywood has started to decay from leaks or dry rot (often exacerbated by poor ventilation) then it needs to be replaced to halt the problem and to keep it from spreading as well as to ensure the structural soundness of the home. Another reason that it may be necessary to install new sheathing is if a shake roof or a tile roof is being replaced with an asphalt / composition roof. Shakes and shingles are often installed over skip sheathing because they can provide a structural integrity of their own. A comp roof however needs to be applied over a fully supported surface. At times even if you do have an asphalt roof it's possible that it was installed over the top of a wood shingle roof (this is frequently found in North Tacoma on older homes). Don's Roofing can happily replace damaged plywood or even do a full resheathing of your roof.

Skylight Install/Replacement

If you're looking to let a little light in the house and would like a new skylight installed call us. Or if you have an ugly old plastic skylight that you want replaced or need to swap out a leaking skylight, again we're happy to help.

Product Brands

Some of the brands that we typically use are as follows: Owens Corning , Malarkey , GAF , Iko , Pabco , Certainteed

We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.